Last Deep Winter (February 7) Share Box

Brrr....It's a crazy windy day out there.  The upside might be that some of the snow from this past week will be blown off of the low tunnels at Riverland so that there aren't mountains to dig into come harvest day this week. Remember these photos from last month's share blog?  Well just imagine what … Continue reading Last Deep Winter (February 7) Share Box

Riverland Farm Visit

As promised, here are pictures from my working visit to Riverland mid-June. Megan T from the Newton Farm came along. Wish I'd been able to get a video of Megan and Riverland farmer Rob Lynch tying tomatoes - looked like they were dancing! Mouse over the photos for a brief description.

Three Month Winter CSA: Last Share

Winter is here! The temps are predicted to drop to 19 degrees tonight, and no higher than 32 tomorrow. It will be a chilly day for shareholders. The good news is that this share is really nice, well worth a little shivering. The Picadilly farm crew moved through the fields quickly on Tuesday, harvesting as … Continue reading Three Month Winter CSA: Last Share

Two Month Winter CSA: Last Share

The mild "winter" weather we've been experiencing has resulted in some veggie treats we don't usually get this time of year in New England. The head lettuce in today's share is one of those treats. Picadilly is sending more of these treats with the winter share today, and they will be available for purchase. Harvested … Continue reading Two Month Winter CSA: Last Share

Three Month Winter CSA: Second Veggie Installment

Three month CSA shareholders, are you ready for the next installment of veggies? This month some of the veggies have been left dirty. Potatoes, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots all store better with dirt on them. If you have questions about how to store your vegetables, take a look at these storage tips. Interested in a few … Continue reading Three Month Winter CSA: Second Veggie Installment

Winter Share Contents 11/7

It's been a bit chilly at Riverland and Picadilly farms this week. The temperature at Picadilly is predicted to fall into the low 20's tonight. Brrr! In spite of the cold, harvest crews have brought in and packed a really nice share.Here's a list of what is in your share from Picadilly Farm this month:Kohlrabi, a … Continue reading Winter Share Contents 11/7