About Shared Harvest

Shared Harvest CSA is a multiple farm Winter CSA that connects local, small-scale farmers with people who wish to eat well while supporting local family farms. Our primary vegetable growers are Picadilly Farm and Riverland Farm, both are certified organic. Cider Hill Farm grows our apples and Charley Baer provides dried beans for our shares.  As part of our monthly distributions, members can pre-order Extras like cheese, eggs, honey, maple syrup, meats from pasture-raised animals, single bags of potatoes, carrots, bulk bags of garlic, cranberries, and much more, all from local family farms, most of who grow certified organic.  Many of these Extras are also available for sale on our pickup days.

Our passion is supporting small-scale, conscientious growers in our regional food-shed.  We choose to buy whole, nutritious food from growers and producers whose work is responsibly taking care of the land and their families and communities.  Good land management means healthy soil which means more nutritious, tastier food with lasting quality!