Two Month Winter CSA: Last Share

The mild “winter” weather we’ve been experiencing has resulted in some veggie treats we don’t usually get this time of year in New England. The head lettuce in today’s share is one of those treats. Picadilly is sending more of these treats with the winter share today, and they will be available for purchase. Harvested on Friday (December 4!!!), they include: spinach, red kale, lacinato kale, collards, salad turnips, napa cabbage, and daikon radish.

Lots of roots in the share today. Two of my favorite recipes make use of many of them: Roasted Root Vegetables with Rosemary and Bacon and Root Vegetable Stew.

Here is what you will find in the share today:
Cabbages, 2 small heads of red cabbage, 1 head of green cabbage
Kale, 1 bunch. For something new, and addictive, try these crispy kale chips.
Lettuce, 2 heads
Leeks, 1 bunch
Onions, 2 pounds
Beets, 3 pounds
Carrots, 6 pounds
Celeriac, 2 pounds. New to celeriac? The Seasonal Chef offers five easy recipes, all of which look delicious.
Parsnips, 2 pounds
Popcorn, 1 bouquet. How to pop corn! Meghan and Rob at Riverland Farm grew the popcorn you’ll find in the share.
Potatoes, 5 pounds
Winter radish, 1-2 pieces. The variety in the share is Misato Rose.
Sweet potatoes, 4 pounds
Turnips, 2 pounds
Winter squash, about 7 pounds of butternut
Red Kidney Beans, 2 pounds. My two all time favorite ways to use kidney beans are Red Beans & Rice and Moosewood’s Vegetarian Chili.

In addition to the regular share, shareholders who pre-ordered them will be picking up bulk roots (carrots, celeriac, garlic, onions, parsnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes), dried turtle and navy beans, organic maple syrup and raw honey.