CSA Program

Shared Harvest is an extended season Community Supported Agriculture program for late fall meals and winter storage.  Shares this year are distributed once per month in November, December, and January.  You can choose to sign up for just one month or more, up to 3 months.  (Many people sign up for all 3 months.) 

2021-2022 share prices:  3 months $300 or sign up for individual months (November, December or January) for $105/month.

Share Size:  Shared Harvest is geared to people who cook for themselves most of the time, and is also great for people who eat (or juice or ferment) a lot of veggies.  Each month you get enough produce to last for typically a month of meals for either a household of 4 moderate veggie eaters, or for 2 people who cook, juice, and/or ferment a lot of veggies.  Many of our shareholders plan on enjoying their share contents well into the spring months, as most of a winter share consists of storage varieties of veggies, including garlic, onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, potatoes, etc. which store for weeks and months in cool conditions (See our Storage Tips and Recipes menu for more info, plus with each month’s share, we advise you on what conditions are ideal or good for each of the share veggies.)  We aren’t able to offer split or half shares, and encourage people to find others they know to split a share with, if desired.  Again, many of the veggies store well, so we even have single people who like to cook getting a whole share on their own. That said, we can often help you find a share partner if you send us an email.

Share Contents:  We include a nice variety of  cold-season veggies (+apples!) in the share. Here’s a typical list for the season: apples, beets, broccoli, bok choi, Brussels sprouts, cabbage (green, red and napa varieties), cauliflower, carrots, celeriac, collard greens, dried beans, escarole, fennel, garlic, kale, lettuce, leeks, onions (red and yellow varieties), parsnips, pie pumpkins, peppers (green and red), potatoes, popcorn, radicchio, rutabagas, salad turnips, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard,  spinach, two kinds of winter radishes and butternut squash.

You can read about what has been in past Shared Harvest shares by looking through the blog archives for the months of October, November and December. Here’s a link to summaries of contents of the winter share from recent years.

Optional Extras:    Locally grown Extras like eggs, bulk veggies, cheeses from cows and goats raised entirely on grass, honey, fresh and dried mushrooms, apples, organic cranberries, and maple syrup can be ordered for your next share pickup.  To see what will likely be available for each share pickup this year, visit the Extras page

Anyone can pre-order Extras, in any month, even if they have not purchased a share.

For this year, 2021-2022, Extras for pickup at Wright-Locke Farm can be ordered for pickup with your share, or during any weekly pickup through the Wright-Locke Farm Farm2Go Program.

Pickup locations:  Since pickups are only once per month on a Saturday, there is less need for the pickup to be as convenient as you would want for, say, a weekly summer share pickup.  Secondly, our Rideshare Map option helps people to share the task of picking up with other shareholders who live nearby and can make it work for people who may be out of town on the scheduled pickup day.

Buying a share–see signup info on our news page for 2021-2022
Send questions or requests for a share via email to the marketing and distribution coordinator, jane [at] sharedharvestcsa [dot] com.

If you are a returning member, you can just send a payment with a list of the months you’d like to get a share for the upcoming season.

Payment options include cash, check, and online credit card. We also have an option to pay for your share in 2 installments (only available with payment by check in the mail).  This option is provided so that folks can sign up early and help the farmers be more secure in their planning, while allowing the shareholder to pay the balance at a later date.

Pickup Locations

Pickup Sites–both of these farms offer summer season shares and farm stand sales of their own produce and Wright-Locke Farm offers a year round Farm2Go program offering products from many local growers and producers.

Arlington-Winchester area:

Wright-Locke Farm All Seasons Barn, 82 Ridge Road, Winchester MA

Buzzzards Bay:

Bay End Farm, 200 Bournedale Road, Buzzards Bay, MA   (Ask about a carpool going from Bay End area to Winchester for Jan shares)