What people are saying about Shared Harvest CSA


“Thank you for all YOU do to make this CSA possible – I love being a part of it!” Peg C., 2019-2020 share member

“So glad to be back for another season!  Thanks for arranging this so our homes can be stocked with delicious fresh and local food all winter–what a lifesaver this was last year with [our new] baby!” –J.A.  Shareholder since 2012

Incredibly Impressed (December, 2012) “Just picked up my 3rd and final share in Arlington. This has been my first year with Shared Harvest and i am incredibly impressed! The quality of the food is phenomenal and the packing job and variety is top notch!

I also love the “extras” options. I just picked up 40 pounds of assorted beans and huge amounts of beets and sweet potatoes!!!  JOY”

“Our fourth year, and going strong!
(Feb 25, 2013)
The first two years, we split a three-month share with another family. Last year, we got the two-month share. Everything is always fresh and delicious, and the root veggies store for months in the garage. The wide variety of veggies prompts me to try new recipes, which always leads to new family favorites. Our family is happy to support local farmers!”

Big shares, good stuff
Jon Doyle    (Feb 10, 2013)
“I’ve been been a pleased Shared Harvest customer for 3 years now. The shares are fairly large; one share covers 4 people quite well in my experience. The quality and variety of produce is great, too. As others mentioned, there are plenty of foods you may not have bought in the market. That encourages one to be more adventurous in cooking/eating habits, and I’ve developed storage/preserving skills.   The local farms that supply Shared Harvest are superb growers. They are Riverland, Cider Hill, and Picadilly Farm.  The operation of the CSA is pretty smooth; you pay ahead, pickup your produce, and there are optional extra items you can order in advance (cheese, apples, maple syrup, etc). Brief weekly emails keep you informed of ordering deadlines and what you got in your share

Rutabagas rock! by Sue (Mar 7, 2013)

I had no idea what this weird root veggie was when I received it….now I am a huge fan.   It is pretty easy to peel, is great for roasting/stirfrying/microwaving, AND I am still using some from my garage..3 months later.  Can’t ask for a more sturdy storage food than that-.

Other Quotes about Shared Harvest from our first 8 years:

We are so glad we’ve found this CSA and become a part of this community!

I love it.  Great quality of veggies, love monthly boxes and ability to “stock up”.

Yes! The produce is excellent and I love being able to support a bunch of farmers at once.

As a farmer, I’ve been involved in selling CSA shares for years, but have never received one myself. This was a great share to start with!

I was a 2009 Winter Shareholder, and I was *extremely* pleased with my share! I only wish there were a January distribution!

The variety of root vegetables, squash, fresh greens, beans and extras (like maple syrup and honey!) made for some great meals.

I thought the quality, friendliness, helpfulness, and opportunities to purchase extras were all fabulous.  This was an excellent CSA experience for us.

This was a fantastic winter CSA! Much better than last years and I thought that that one was great. I love having lots of veggies left for the winter!!!!  Thank you so much, you did a fantastic job.

The quality of the food was excellent!  Thanks for making our access to local organic food easy and convenient.  I hope you and the farmers feel our support.

I loved the winter share.  I didn’t want the summer to end, so it was a wonderful way to keep enjoying the harvest of the farm.  I also loved the extras offered.  I bought beans, syrup and honey for gifts.

We are very happy with the produce and the ease with which we can support local farmers, especially Picadilly, whom we do the summer CSA with and love!

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