Three Month Winter CSA: Second Veggie Installment

Three month CSA shareholders, are you ready for the next installment of veggies? This month some of the veggies have been left dirty. Potatoes, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots all store better with dirt on them. If you have questions about how to store your vegetables, take a look at these storage tips.

Interested in a few new recipes? You might enjoy some of the recipes from the November 7 share posting. A couple of shareholders told me they’ve posted recipes on the Newton Farm’s Shared Harvest Recipe Wiki. I encourage you to check out this cool resource if you haven’t already. It might also be fun to see how other shareholders are managing their share and what they are cooking up. Check the sidebar for the links.

From Picadilly Farm:
Leeks, a bunch. Leeks can be easily frozen – just wash, dice and put in sealed bag in the freezer.

Potatoes, 5 pounds of white “Salems”, unwashed for better storage. Store them in a cool and dark place, out of the plastic bag, and they should store for months.

Red radishes, a bunch.

Lacinato kale, a bunch. This dark green kale can be used like any other kale.

Rutabagas, 2 pounds unwashed. Compared to the turnip, rutabagas have a yellowier hue in their flesh, and a taste that’s more earthy and warm, without the radishy zing. Store them as other roots, very cold but not freezing.

Salad turnips, a bunch. These “Hakurai” turnips are like a sweet radish, and are delicious raw in salads, grated or chopped. Saute them with greens. Unlike the more traditional fall turnip, these Hakurai are too watery for roasts or stews.

Parsnips, 2 pounds, unwashed for better storage.

Carrots, 5 pounds, unwashed for longer storage. These fall “boleros” are as big as they are sweet. Store in the fridge, or in a very cold (but not freezing) place in your house.

Winter squash, 7 pounds of butternuts, 2-4 pieces. They are best stored at about 50-55 degrees, not much colder – a cool place in your kitchen can work well.

Parsley, a bunch. It’s not the prettiest bunch ever picked. But since we picked the “hearts” out of these plants – the last harvest of the season – the flavor is strong and sweet.

Sweet potatoes, 4 pounds. More of this very nice crop. Keep them in a cool place in your kitchen – they’ll last for months if you have a 50-55 degree spot, with good ventilation.

Spinach, a pound. Actually from Appleton Farms in Ipswich – we needed spinach for the share, after a crop failure in our field; and they needed winter squash for their holiday shares. So, we made a swap. Enjoy!

From Riverland Farm: I made a few corrections to this list after I posted it: more lettuce, fewer onions and broccoli (no bok choy) are in the share.
Lettuce, three small heads. Heads of Boston and Batavian varieties.
Escarole, one head.
Brussels sprouts, two stalks.
Onions, two pounds.
Broccoli, about 1/2 pound.
Napa Cabbage, one head.
Garlic, half a pound.

From Baer’s Best Beans, two pounds of dark red kidney beans.

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