Winter Share Contents 11/7

It's been a bit chilly at Riverland and Picadilly farms this week. The temperature at Picadilly is predicted to fall into the low 20's tonight. Brrr! In spite of the cold, harvest crews have brought in and packed a really nice share.Here's a list of what is in your share from Picadilly Farm this month:Kohlrabi, a … Continue reading Winter Share Contents 11/7

Winter Share Contents 10/24

It's a fantastic fall harvest, certainly welcome after a summer full of what seemed to us more than the usual challenges! We're especially pleased with the onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fall greens and leeks - all very nice. Enjoy the harvest!Here's a list of what is in your share from Picadilly Farm:Celery, a bunch. We picked … Continue reading Winter Share Contents 10/24

What’s in the share?

I wrote this for this week's Brookwood Community Farm newsletter. Thought I'd get a little extra mileage out of it by posting it here. It certainly applies to winter share contents. It feels like there are fewer surprises with fall and winter CSA shares, though perhaps the surprises are just of a different nature: walk-in … Continue reading What’s in the share?

Riverland Farm in the news!

One of our Winter CSA partners, Riverland Farm, is in the news today! Here's the link to the story: Farming showing a rebirth all across Massachusetts.Here's another article about Riverland Farm and their involvement in community food security efforts. Seniors come to the farm "In its third year, about 50 participants in the Senior Farm … Continue reading Riverland Farm in the news!

Last of my winter veggies

This is the last of them. The last of my local veggie supply. Roasted and canned tomatoes, sauerkraut, carrots, winter squashes and onions from the Belmont CSA; an abundance of garlic that I bought for seed, but didn't plant; sweet potatoes, rosemary and one purple top turnip from Riverland Farm; three ears of Vanguarden CSA … Continue reading Last of my winter veggies