Fresh Farm Veggies, Beans, and more for February

Below is a list of the probable contents for our upcoming February 4 Share Boxes.  Rutebagas and Gilfeathers are surprisingly versatile, steamed and mashed, shredded raw into salads, fermented, etc.  Gilfeather can be successfully used in place of cauliflower in some recipes.  See the Recipes page under the Storage Tips and Recipes Menu for some interesting ideas.

Share contents:

From Baer’s Best Beans

2 one-pound bags of dried beans (choice of black turtle, red kidney, and soldier (white with red flecks))

Rutebagas usually have a purplish shade on top with a creamy golden interior

From Picadilly Farm 

potatoes – 5 pounds
carrots – 6 pounds
parsnips – 3 pounds
rutabagas – 2 pounds
butternuts – 2 pieces
dried herbs – a bunch
beets – 3 pounds

From Riverland Farm: 

1 Cabbage


Gilfeather turnips are sweet, creamy, and white on the inside

Gilfeather turnips 2 pounds (read here to learn more about the Gilfeather and how it was recently named Vermont’s State Vegetable!)

Sweet Potatoes-4 pounds

Garlic-half pound

1 Celeriac

Onions-2 pounds

1 Tomato Puree

and maybe Salad Greens, depending upon how well they are doing in the high tunnel (unheated, protected greenhouse)

As always, there is the option to order Extras to pick up with the share (ordering online till Tues. night, Jan. 31).  These include eggs, wild mushrooms, medicinal mushroom extracts, cheeses, yogurt, and beef from cows humanely raised on pasture (100% grass), more varieties of beans, and extra veggies like sweet potatoes, beets, etc. to last  into spring!


Immune boosting Reishi Mushroom extract from Fungi Ally

At the pickup, we will also have a few things on offer (not pre-order), including fresh oyster mushrooms, Doves and Figs jams, and a few other items.