Farmers race to get cover crops seeded, visit the farm and harvest for the pantry on Nov 1

winter squash varietyFarming is a lot about timing: working with the seasons, the weather, the climate, and all the different growth habits and needs of each plant variety.  Careful planning and the grace and experience to deal with come-what-may…

From Jenny at Picadilly Farm:


with a lot of quick work today by their trusty crew, Picadilly fields will look like this come late November, blanketed in cover crop for good soil health through the year.

A cloudy harvest day today, and we’re anticipating quite a bit of rain tonight and tomorrow. There is always so much we’d like to finish before the rain falls. Today, we’re sprinting for our last opportunity to seed a cover crop – winter rye – on our fallow fields. Any later, and the grass is unlikely to grow enough to stand through the winter. The rye will help prevent erosion and topsoil loss over the winter and early spring months. We’ll try to have all of our fallow land seeded by the end of today – wish us luck!
Our regular share season continues for another three weeks, through the first week of November. We have beautiful fall crops, with rutabagas, Gilfeather turnips, parsnips, cabbage, butternut squash and tender greens…Thanks for supporting us in all the ways you have this season. We hope you enjoy the harvest!

Jenny (for Bruce, Allegra, Harold, Adelina, Iver, Antonio, Alex, Willie, Heather, Sarah, Carol, Joe, Doug, Beckley, and Jesse)

Saturday, November 1st, join us for an end-of season sure-to-get-dirty harvest for the food bank. In gratitude for all the nourishment we receive from this land, we’ll harvest carrots, potatoes and more for distribution to area hunger relief agencies – the Winchester NH food pantry, and the Community Kitchen in Keene, who already pick up weekly surplus here at the farm. All ages and abilities are welcome. We’ll have a hay ride for all ages, potluck lunch in the barn, and extra veggies for everyone to take home. 10am-noon, then lunch. We’ll probably cancel if the weather is lousy, rain date TBD.