Menu for this week and looking ahead to next share


Ginger and Orange Glazed Turnips

This week’s menu featuring deep winter share veggies:…m-jackie-starr/

Looking ahead to our last pickup on February 8…below is what will likely be in the share box, plus storage tips.  If you’d like to order any bulk veggies to last the rest of the winter (yes, I’m afraid there will be several more weeks, at least…), check out the Extras store.

Share Contents for Deep Winter Pickup, Saturday, Feb. 8:

Use or process these within a week (keeps longer if fridge is cold, near 32 degrees):
Spinach bag, can be blanched and frozen for later use.

These will keep for many weeks in cold storage (keep moist in bag, with some ventilation, not tightly sealed):

1 Red cabbage

6# Carrots

5# Potatoes

3# Beets

2 Celeriac

2 Gilfeather

3# Parsnips

2 Kohlrabi

2# Purple Top Turnips

These will keep for many weeks in cool, dry conditions (40-55 degrees), like a shelf in your basement or unheated room as long as it doesn’t freeze:

2 Butternut

1/2# Garlic

These will keep for a year or more in dry conditions (closed jar), not too warm:

1 Jar Tomato Puree

1# bag of beans (black, pinto, or cannelini)