Swap Box inspiration; Recipe ideas for this week’s share

I always get a bulk supply of some evidently less popular or less-known veggie when it appears in quantity in the swap box.  This week, guess which vegetable dominated the swap box?   While you are guessing, I’ll tell you that I’m going to peel it’s uniquely dark-colored rind to reveal it’s silky white flesh, which I will grate in my food processor, mix with salt, and let ferment into a luxurious and super easy-to-use condiment.  After a week sitting on my kitchen counter, it will be the perfect partner for tangy cheddar cheese or topping for a rich stew or roast meat.   See our Fermentation for Taste and Nutrition page under the Storage Tips and Recipes Menu. 


Have you guessed?  See the bottom of the page for the swap box come-from-behind champion in my kitchen!

Liza Marzilli posted this on our Facebook page–and she also blogged about what she did with much of last Saturday’s share box veggies:  http://dolcevitaverde.wordpress.com/category/csa/

Just found this recipe when looking for some new ideas and it combines so many vegetables from our recent share pick up so I wanted to share it http://www.thecurvycarrot.com/2010/11/29/warm-winter-vegetable-salad/
warm winter vegetable salad

black radish


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    • The swap box is set up at the pickups for people to trade in an item from their share that they don’t think they will use in exchange for an item they want more of. Ideally, shareholders experiment with new veggies! And we like to have recipes to help with that, but we also provide an option for those that can’t or won’t use something. (For example one of our shareholders has just recently had an onset of an allergic reaction to certain root vegetables.)

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