Share Pickup in Arlington tomorrow

Please share your recipes and ideas using this month’s share!

Share contents for Saturday, Dec. 7, 2013:

Use or process these within a week:
Spinach bag, can be blanched and frozen for later use.
Kale—2 bunches or 1 kale and 1 collard—great sauted, in soups, ribboned or chopped and marinated for a salad, or kale chips!

These will keep for a couple of weeks in your fridge crisper drawer:
Leeks—keep whole or chop for soup and freeze (no need to blanche)

These will keep for many weeks in cold storage (keep moist in bag, with some ventilation):
Carrots – 5#,
Potatoes – 4#,
Beets – 2#,
Kohlrabi—peel and slice or grate as an excellent salad or stirfry ingredient
Cabbage—if you are making sauerkraut or kimchi, do that asap
Celeriac–mildly celery flavored root great for mashing with potatoes, roasting, or for soups and stews.  Peel and cut up.
Gilfeather Turnips

Black Radish

These will keep for many weeks in cool, dry conditions (40-55 degrees), like a shelf in your basement or unheated room as long as it doesn’t freeze:
Garlic ½ #(can also be stored in a tightly closed jar in the refrigerator)
Butternut Squash–can store in your kitchen for a few weeks, cooler temps with ventilation for longer (not in a plastic bag), store in single layers/separate, not in pile.  Any with blemishes should be used right away or peel, chop and freeze.

These will keep for months at 50-70 degrees—NOT COLD STORAGE:
Sweet potatoes 3 #’s–store in a paper bag.

These will keep for a year or more in dry conditions (closed jar), not too warm:
Dried beans 2# –your choice of black turtle, light red kidney, or Great Northern (all organically grown)

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