Connecting to the Source: theMOVE

“Sometimes I wish a school bus full of volunteers would pull into the farm and offer to help,”  said one tired family farmer to another.

theMOVE is a new organization with a mission and work that will make just about every farmer I know smile, including the one mentioned above.  theMOVE organizes and leads reflective farm-volunteer workdays for diverse groups throughout the Boston area.  This is “get dirty” volunteer work with a healthy dose of thoughtful conversation about the social and natural systems that sustain us: Conversations about our food system, food deserts, sustainable agriculture and the working conditions and wages of farm workers.

Dave Madan, theMove founder (and Shared Harvest CSAer!) has created an organization that helps eaters and farmers bridge the gap between table and field. Thanks Dave! theMOVE is holding a fundraiser this Saturday. Check it out.