News from the Fields

Our farmers are bringing in many of the storage crops and tending to the crops that will stay in the ground until they’re harvested for the winter share. It looks like we will have another tasty and varied winter share this year. Here are a few crop reports.

Riverland Farm crop update
“All in all our fall crops are looking good. The winter squash yield will certainly be better than the last 2 years and having increased the number of fall plantings of broccoli family crops it’s looking like we’ll have a more consistent supply of broccoli and cauliflower than ever before. Our Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and most of our other root crops look good.”

Picadilly Farm crop news

winter squash in storage hoop house, Picadilly, 9/29/10

“Today [Sept 24] marks the beginning of the 2010 Picadilly farm sweet potato harvest! We’ve planted seventeen 500-foot long beds of sweeties (that’s about 18,000 plants) which we’ve weeded, fertilized, and sweet talked throughout the summer months. We’ve done it with fingers crossed for a hearty harvest, and today we strapped in for the job. After mowing the foliage, clipping the vines, folding up the landscape cloth used to suppress weeds, and running our spiffy potato digger over the bed, we come face to face with our long-awaited sweeties. And what a harvest it is! So far we’re looking at almost double our expected yield. True–we’ve only dug one bed, but it sure does look promising.”


Bruce and Jenny at Picadilly are hosting a CRAFT visit for eastern Massachusetts farmers today. I’ll be going and hope to have lots of pics to post of their farm and crops later this week.

Brookwood Farm
I visited Brookwood Farm at the Bradley Estate yesterday and walked their field of greens. Wish I’d had my camera with me! Farmers Judy, Jason and Anna have outdone themselves this year, growing row after row of lovely greens. Tuscano and Red Russian varieties of kale and beds of collard greens caught my eye. I’m heading down to Brookwood tomorrow and will snap a few photos so you, too, can have a ‘taste’ of the greens.