Connecting to the Source: theMOVE

"Sometimes I wish a school bus full of volunteers would pull into the farm and offer to help,"  said one tired family farmer to another. theMOVE is a new organization with a mission and work that will make just about every farmer I know smile, including the one mentioned above.  theMOVE organizes and leads reflective … Continue reading Connecting to the Source: theMOVE

Why Farm?

A friend asked me why I love to farm. I love farming because it's hard (physically) and challenging (intellectually) and it's political and social and fun (except when it's snowing, and then it's an adventure). Unlike so many other occupations where compromises must be made, organic farming is totally consistent with my most deeply held … Continue reading Why Farm?

And the winners are ….

One hundred and ninety winter shareholders took part in the Belmont CSA's Winter Ride Share program. These folks walked, biked, car pooled, participated in driving cooperatives or had their CSA share delivered by the New Amsterdam Project. That's 190 shareholders out of 300 total for a whopping 63% of shareholders. Wow. Everyone -- yes, every … Continue reading And the winners are ….

Recommended Summer Reading

Every week I read two farm newsletters, those of Waltham Fields Community Farm and Brookfield Farm. The essays written by farmers Amanda Cather (Waltham) and Dan Kaplan (Brookfield) are inspiring and educational. I also like to visit the Boston Localvore site to see what they're up to. With some trepidation, I read Veggie Notes, the … Continue reading Recommended Summer Reading

Farm Photographer

Kathy Martin, of Skippy's Vegetable Garden fame, visited the farm yesterday. She took some really great photos of our veggies. I've posted some of them in the side bar. The red tomato is from the first tomato planting. As promised, I've not looked at the second planting yet. Thanks, Kathy!