A good day to weed

We’ve had some much needed rain, 2 inches according to the rain gauge on the farm, so the field will be too wet to work in much today. We should be able to hand weed the carrots, cilantro and dill today. A couple of weeks ago I used a flame weeder to kill weeds that had germinated in the carrot, cilantro and dill rows. I flamed the weeds just as the carrot and herb seeds were starting to germinate, so the carrots and herbs were still under soil and safe from the flame. There are new weeds growing in the rows, and the best way to deal with them now is to pull them. It’s delicate and time consuming work, best done when the soil has moisture in it.

How does he do it? The Tiny Farm Blog guy is amazing. I mean, there’s a post and a picture just about EVERY DAY! Interesting posts, nice photos. I’ve been keeping his blog a secret from you because …. well, I thought you might start getting ideas that I should write about the farm and take photos everyday. That probably won’t happen this year! Here’s a better idea: read his blog and you’ll have a pretty good notion of what was happening in Belmont two weeks ago – except for the fire and the chickens, of course.