Last of my winter veggies

This is the last of them. The last of my local veggie supply. Roasted and canned tomatoes, sauerkraut, carrots, winter squashes and onions from the Belmont CSA; an abundance of garlic that I bought for seed, but didn’t plant; sweet potatoes, rosemary and one purple top turnip from Riverland Farm; three ears of Vanguarden CSA popcorn; two mostly empty jars of Carlisle honey. I have a lot of pickles, too. It seems I like to put up pickles more than I like to eat them. (I found ten forgotten pints of pickles in the pantry after took this photo.)

The last of my '08 local produce

The onions are sprouting, so I think it’s time for an onion pie. The carrots have been cooked up into carrot ginger soup. The sauerkraut ….. well, it’s been slowly fermenting in my fridge since November. I kind of forgot about it. Wonder if it’s any good? I think I will take it to the farmer potluck I going to this evening and get some expert opinions on it.