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Bare Naked Farming

Overall the storm was mostly just mentally traumatic but ended up being good fodder for comedy when I think back on running around in my birthday suit closing things down. Continue reading

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Rain, rain, please delay

Is it just me, or do other people check the weather forecast a couple of times a day? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s just me. The weather for this Saturday’s Winter Share distribution doesn’t look so great. If the … Continue reading

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"It’s all good."

That’s what Chris at Vanguarden CSA tends to say about the weather. It’s an attitude I need to cultivate. More rain is predicted for this week. Check out photos from our last rainy spell on Liz’s blog. Thank goodness we … Continue reading

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I’ve a simple rain measurement system set up at the farm. An empty bucket left out to collect rain. Before I empty the bucket I estimate how much rain it collected and add that number to previous days’ tally. I … Continue reading

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Heat Wave

The three- (or was it four?) day heat wave we experienced a week ago continues to haunt us. While Liz and I have recovered from it, the trellised sugar snap peas have not. Peas don’t like hot weather and our … Continue reading

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Rainy Days

These farm photos were taken on April 4, after we’d had a bit of rain. You can see evidence of soil compaction: water drains poorly between the beds, where the tractor tires traveled. The newly transplanted veggies love this weather. … Continue reading

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Heart-stopping temperatures

I’m a bit preoccupied with the weather. I check the forecast several times a day. I pay close attention to the predicted overnight temps, whether there will be clouds or not, how strong the winds will be, if and how … Continue reading

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