Rainy Days

field, tractor, and houses spinach in the rain rows (can you find the robin?) alliums in mud

These farm photos were taken on April 4, after we’d had a bit of rain. You can see evidence of soil compaction: water drains poorly between the beds, where the tractor tires traveled.

spinach spinach close up

The newly transplanted veggies love this weather.

seedlings vulcan? inside hoophouse

The overcast skies and cool daytime temperatures aren’t so great for the seedlings in the hoop house. They are germinating and growing more slowly than I’d like and there’s some damping off in the lettuce. The vulcan label you see in one of the cell trays marks a variety of lettuce I’m growing for early sales to some wholesale accounts.

The photos were taken by Kathy, Skippy’s mom. Kathy lives just around the corner from the farm and graciously shares her photos with us. Thanks Kathy!