November/Thanksgiving Shares and Extras Items

Here’s what to expect in your share and some advice about how to enjoy and store…if you have any leftover after the holiday festivities! Extras this month include apples by the bushel, fresh cranberries, several unique and interesting potatoes, including fingerling, a variety of winter squashes to grace your centerpiece and then fill your plate, meats and cheeses, and some staples like bulk carrots, potatoes, and cabbage, honey, and maple syrup.

From Riverland:
Green cabbage
Brussels Sprouts
Sweet Potatoes
Head Lettuce
From Picadilly:
red cabbage
acorn squash
white potatoes
plus a few more surprises, probably more greens… : )
From Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury:
Apples!  All late season storage varieties so they’re nice and crisp still.
Store fresh for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator crisper drawers: 2 heads lettuce,  2 bunches kale (can also be dried in a low oven as kale chips for later use), 2 stalks Brussels Sprouts (pop off stalk to fit in fridge drawer, or if you have larger place for them, keep on stalk for longer freshness–but even better, just roast and eat them now!)
Garlic 3/4#,  this month is good for use right away or very short term storage.  Keeping in a closed jar (whole heads, in the peel) in the fridge will prolong the life.
Store fresh for a month or two in cold (just above 33F), moist storage in unheated basement or garage, be sure to retain moisture by storing in plastic bags with small holes or buried in sand (or in bags in the back of your fridge or crisper drawers):  1 green cabbage, 1 red cabbage, carrots 5#, white potatoes 5#, bunch leeks
Store in dry moderate temps (kitchen counter or pantry) for about a month:  herb bunch, acorn squash,  onions 2#.  Once dry, herbs can be store in airtight jar for many months. For longer storage, store onions in cooler temps, in paper bags for moderate moisture, in a dark location.
Store in dry moderate temps (kitchen counter or pantry) for about a month, then in a closed jar for months:  Popcorn bouquet of 2-4 ears.   If storing these for later use, test kernels for good popping, then when the moisture is right, pop off ears and store in a jar to maintain good moisture level (not too dry, not too moist!). 
Store in dry, moderate (kitchen counter) for months:  4 # sweet potatoes