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Below is a bit more info about what is happening at the farms.

Awe and gratitude to our tenacious farmers for producing a plentiful harvest in collaboration with the plants and soil in this a historic DRY season.  In spite of zero rain until just a couple weeks ago, Picadilly has been sending perfectly flavorful melons, loads of tomatoes and the first of the potato harvest, along with greens, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, and more.  Wow.  Thankfully, as the farms have pretty much started their coasting (with a lot of juggling!) portion of the season–where planting and weeding is mostly done, most of the labor is in catching as much of the harvest as possible at the right time, and farm managers begin some exhales of relief–a few inches of rain have fallen there in the Pioneer Valley and here in Eastern Mass. So expect plentiful share boxes right into the fall and winter, and send words of congratulations to the farmers!

We just had our first bit of cool last night as the temps finally dipped into the lower 50s here in Arlington overnight and the humidity has been wiped away for a bit.  Nice to get some temporary hints that summer won’t last forever in New England and eating well all year requires advanced planning!  So, as you pick an extra quart of berries to freeze or preserve or turn your summer cabbage into kraut, it’s time to go ahead and sign up for your share of fresh cold season veggies and apples through Shared Harvest.

Choose whichever months you’d like a share, even if they are not contiguous.  e.g. November, January, February or October, December, and February.  Each month you’ll get enough fresh veggies to last a month for a heavy-veggie eating couple or omnivorous household of four, for instance.  All the vegetables in our shares are certified organic from small-scale family farms and are a nice variety including mostly the basics.






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