Saturday’s Share Contents, plus some sweet news from Riverland!

Meghan, Cayden, Charlie

Meghan, Cayden, and new baby Charlie!

Share contents for Saturday, October 26:

Use these within a week or so (or blanche or make a dish for freezing):
Lettuce-1 head
Bok Choy—1 head of large or 1 bag of baby
2 broccoli or cauliflower
Spinach – a bunch or bag
Peppers – mostly green
Kale—1 bunch—great in soups, grated and marinated for a salad, or kale chips!
Escarole—great in soups
Arugula – a bunch—use in salads or make arugula pesto and store in back of fridge or freezer.
Tomatillos–great roasted and blended with garlic, hot pepper, and lime juice for a salsa! Can be frozen whole (without the husk)

These will keep for a couple of weeks in your fridge crisper drawer:
Napa Cabbage (great for kim-chi or soups)
Parsley – a bunch of flat leaf
Radicchio—shred in a salad or roast with garlic and parmesan in the oven
Leeks—keep whole or chop for soup and freeze (no need to blanche)
Salad turnips – a bunch (cut off the greens and use them first)
Celery—best for soups, can also be chopped and frozen—you can use the whole stem and leave for soups. To make celery salt, blend celery with sea salt and bake in low oven (200 degrees) till dry.

These will keep for many weeks in cold storage (keep moist in bag, with some ventilation):
Carrots – 6#,
Potatoes – 4#,
Beets – 2#,
Kohlrabi—peel and slice or grate as an excellent salad or stirfry ingredient
Cabbage—if you are making sauerkraut or kimchi, do that asap
Fennel–nice grated into salads, or slice and roast with other veggies.

These will keep for many weeks in cool, dry conditions (40-55 degrees), like a shelf in your basement or unheated room as long as it doesn’t freeze; store in paper bags:
Garlic ½ #(can also be stored in a tightly closed jar in the refrigerator)
Onions, yellow

These will keep for months at 50-70 degrees—NOT COLD STORAGE:
Sweet potatoes 3 #’s