8 miles of potato rows are planted at Picadilly!

Come visit the farm and see for yourself.

Two special opportunities for shareholders to visit in May and June:

Mark your calendar, because Picadilly is hosting a Spring Open House this month, on Saturday, May 18th from 10-1pm. Enjoy farm walks, visiting, and planting in the Pick-Your-Own Garden. We hope to see you then!  After that, we’re on for a Strawberry Shortcake Concert with the Family Folk Chorale, on June 15th.

More news from Picadilly farmer Jenny Wooster:

Spring is in full swing, and your farmers have hit the ground running—the first of the beets and carrots have been tucked into the warming soil, and the first kale, scallion, and summer leek transplants are (I imagine) stretching out their roots after six weeks in greenhouse trays. We’ve also just finished the potato-parade, a three-days-long jamboree during which we planted eight varieties of potatoes in around 42,000 feet of row. Permeating it all has been a sense of anticipation and wonderment, that with any luck, (plus some thoughtful care) those tiny seeds will transform into pounds and pounds of food!  For me, this humbling awe is truly what characterizes spring.

In other farm news, this week our main-season crew assembled in-full to start work on the farm. Adding to the roster of Picadilly veterans, we have Sarah Loomis, Jeffrey Thomas, and Elliott Kent. Sarah and Elliott are both local talent, each having grown up in neighboring towns, and Jeffrey hails from Arlington, MA. All three will be crucial to the success of this season, and we’re delighted to have them on our team this year.