Greetings from your busy farm!

from Jenny Wooster at Picadilly Farm on Friday March 8–already seeding some veggies that will be in the winter share come November!


looking forward a couple of weeks in the Picadilly greenhouse

“Officially, spring begins in two more weeks. Here at the farm, it began the moment we dropped that first seed into potting soil in the warm greenhouse. That was Tuesday (“Evergreen” scallions, approx 24,576 seeds planted). Since then, four of us have planted out three varieties of leeks, plus all of the onions (approx 99,600 seeds planted). A morning of delicate seeding today – hoop house tomatoes, celery, celeriac, rosemary, and other herbs. Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep filling up the greenhouse with emerging green life, matching our pace to the melting snow and receding mud. At just the right moment – we’ll know when it arrives – we’ll oil up the plow, tickle the earth and tuck some spring crops in the ground. Here we go!

“Once again, our hats are off to you for buying our harvest this season. Your early support, combined with your ideas and suggestions, certainly help us at a logistical level to determine what and how much to plant. Beyond that, we value your support throughout the growing days, hoping for the best and cheering us on through the struggles. Thank you!”

And, they’re already planning some events to entice you to visit–May and June are exciting times to visit the farm! 

“While you are welcome to come and visit the farm anytime, we’re planning two events right around the start of the harvest season. Come out on Saturday, May 18, for a Spring Open House and Planting Day. Then on June 15th, the Arlington-based Family Folk Chorale will perform their fourth Picadilly Concert, followed by homemade strawberry shortcake. Easy, simple fun, all ages and abilities are welcome. We’ll be in touch with more details as spring unfolds.”