Weren’t we lucky to have such a pleasant day for the share pickup! And what amazing help we had from Doug, Jason, Erika, Amy, Lexi, and Dan!  And special thanks to Amy C, Christina B, and Suzanne P for helping magnificently with the exciting unload–those brussels sprouts bins are why they have forklifts, usually.

I hope you are enjoying your food!  My husband was inspired by the bounty of brussels sprouts–he immediately started popping them off the stem and made us scrumptious garlicky roasted brussels sprouts for dinner.

Speaking of brussels sprouts, we still have a few small crates left, so if you’d like to come by and get a few more stalks today (Sunday), they are on my porch (address in email).  I also want to encourage those of you who think you don’t like brussels sprouts to try these particular ones–they are so fresh and delicious that my neighbor’s 8 year old son commented, “Mom, I think I actually like them better raw!”
Here’s the official list of what was in the share yesterday:

From Cider Hill:  Apples

From Riverland:  Bok Choy
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage Red
Cabbage Green
Hakurei and Scarlet Queen Turnip bunches
Head Lettuce
Salad Mix
Sweet Potatoes
Purple Top Turnips
Butternut Squash

From Picadilly: Carrots
Gold potatoes
Acorn squash
Leeks, and watermelon radish
I will be opening up Extras orders for December in the next couple of days–Look forward to honey, bulk beans, bulk onions, and hopefully bulk apples, in addition to the cheeses, jams, and other veggies. Some of these make nice holiday treats and gifts. Thanks for all your patience with the Extras distribution.  Here’s a reminder to make sure you check out at the end of your order–if you don’t get a confirmation email of your order–it means your order didn’t go through, most likely.

Thanks and please do share recipes/experiences with your Shared Harvest veggies on the Facebook page or send them to me and I’ll put recipes up on the website.

Thanks again for supporting these wonderful family farms!