Friday, Sept. 28 Shareholder potluck gathering followed by a fermentation workshop

Let’s gather to celebrate the Harvest Moon, and in gratitude for the season’s many blessings!

Please join us for an Arlington potluck with Picadilly Farmers Jenny and Bruce Wooster, shareholders and friends of Picadilly Farm and Shared Harvest.
Next Friday, September 28th 


Calvary Church, 300 Mass Ave, East Arlington.
All are welcome. We’ll supply the non-alcoholic beverages. Please bring a salad, main dish or dessert to share.

Following the potluck will be a lacto fermenting workshop from 7-8:30pm. Learn how to make sauerkraut and kim chi!  We’ll join with some people from the Whipple Hill Food Preservation and Exchange Meetup group.  Picadilly will bring the cabbage, carrots and peppers. Please bring a few of your own quart jars with lids, to take some of the finished goods home with you to ferment.

If you are able to get there at 5pm, join us to chop cabbage–a helpful stage of making sauerkraut (and kim chi) is letting the cabbage “sweat” or release its juices for a while prior to packing in the jars.
Please RSVP for the workshop to either me or through the meetup group website (if you decide to join the meetup group–we’d love to have Shared Harvest folks!)

Why make sauerkraut?  You can visit the Recipes section to see more about lacto-fermentation and sauerkraut and kim chi.