Gathering at Pi…

Gathering at Picadilly in June! (and Picadilly Early May News)

3rd annual Strawberry Concert, Saturday, June 23, 1pm  

Good time music and community, wide open space. Bring a picnic, blanket or lawn chair, and enjoy a day under the big sky at the farm.  Come explore, see what’s growing, connect with Bruce, Jenny, and some other Picadilly staff and shareholders, and join in the singing with the Family Folk Chorale (directed by Jane’s husband, Chris Eastburn).  Save room for homemade shortcake, Picadilly berries and local ice cream served at intermission. RSVP not required, but let us know if you are planning to come!   Concert and picnic on the farmhouse lawn.  Last year when the rain threatened, we moved the concert into one of the brand new greenhouses–turned out to be a fabulous venue with great acoustics and the sun came out for intermission and afterward.  

Early May Picadilly Farm News from Jenny Wooster:  “What a month April was! After recording our first March plowing date ever, we followed up with our first April irrigation runs ever. Whew, it was dusty! So the rain a week ago was just perfect, and more today is welcome. With our solid crew of five experienced people, we will plant continuously for the next few weeks. Field crops are thriving, with lots of food in the field: a good first stand of carrots and spinach, greens, kales, chard, cilantro and dill, bok choy, cabbages, onions, leeks, potatoes. We covered some of the most tender crops – lettuce, fennel and beets – with row cover over these cold nights, and they came through just fine. Overall, it’s looking great out there!”  

The rain and the warmth are eagerly welcomed!