Ready for a feast?

Great weather predicted for the Canton Shared Harvest distribution tomorrow! The boxes are packed, loaded onto the truck, ready to go. I imagine our farmers are sound asleep already, resting up for an early morning delivery.

We’ll have a lot of extra goodies to distribute to those of you who ordered them, including maple syrup from Warren Farm, mozzarella and burrata from Fiore Di Nonno, goat cheeses from Crystal Brook Farm, honey from Warm Colors Apiary, bulk black and kidney beans from Baer’s Best Beans, and bulk produce (garlic, sweet potatoes, cabbage and carrots) from Picadilly and Riverland Farms.

Here’s what you will find in your CSA shares tomorrow.

From Lover’s Brook Farm, Farmer Charley Baer
Light red kidney beans, 1 pound
Heirloom beans (Soldier, Money or Vermont Cranberry), 1 pound

From Riverland Farm, Farmers Rob Lynch and Meghan Arquin
Beets, 3 pounds
Cabbage, 1 head
Yellow Onions, 2 pounds
Garlic, 1/2# packed with onions
Parsnips, 2 pounds
Popcorn, 1 bunch
Sweet Potatoes, 4 pounds
Butternut Squash, 5 pounds

From Picadilly Farm, Farmers Jenny and Bruce Wooster
Carrots, 6 pounds
Turnips, 2 pounds
Winter radishes, 1.75 pounds (half misato, half black Spanish)
White potatoes, 5 pounds
Celeriac, 1 piece
Shallots, one pound