October 23 share

Apple Lady, Elsbeth Hearn, with apple samples
Here’s what was in the share that was distributed yesterday.

Picadilly Farm
Sweet potatoes, 4 pounds.  Remember to take them out of their plastic bag!
Gold potatoes, 5 pounds. Store out of bag, in a cool dark place.
Carrots, 3 pounds (grown at Tracie’s Community Garden) plus a bunch
Delicata squash, 3-4 pieces
Red peppers, 1 pound, a mix of italia and Bell types
Green Bell Peppers, 1 pound
Hakurei salad turnips, a bunch
Celery, 1 head
Radicchio, a head

Riverland Farm
Beets, 3 pounds
Broccoli or cauliflower, 2 pieces or 1 big piece
Fennel, 1 bunch
Cilantro or parsley, 1 bunch
Leeks, 1 bunch
Red onions, 2 pounds
Yellow onions, 2 pounds
Spinach, about a pound
Pie pumpkin, 1 piece

Busa Farm
(150 Lexington shareholders got Busa-grown greens in their share)
Lettuce, two heads
Greens, a bunch. Rabi senza testa, red mustard , white turnips (with edible greens) or kamatsuna

Brookwood Community Farm
(Canton shareholders got these Brookwood-grown greens, as did the last 16 Lexington shareholders)
Swiss chard, 1 bunch
Red Russian kale, 1 bunch
Lettuce, 1 head

Moraine Farm, Baer’s Best Beans
Jacob’s Cattle dried beans, one pound

Cider Hill Farm
Apples, five pounds

6 AM at Busa Farm. Getting ready for the distribution by moonlight!

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  1. We baked some of the potatoes for dinner last night and WOW! They were so simple and so amazing. Beats Idaho potatoes by a mile.

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