How to Choose a CSA

The most recent Local Harvest newsletter has a very nice article about how to choose a CSA. I’ve copied the first couple of paragraphs below and supplied a link to the full article.

Know Thyself
Utterly fantastic idea though it is, community supported agriculture is not for everyone. Deciding whether or not CSA is for you requires a healthy dose of self knowledge. Some of us confuse how we are with how we would like to be. Not that there’s no room for movement, but if you truly do not like vegetables, signing up to receive five to 20 pounds of them a week is probably not going to go well. When considering whether or not to join a CSA, there are a few questions that you might ask yourself. Be sure to answer for yourself and the people you live with since asking other people to change their eating habits is no small thing.

* Do I like to cook and does my schedule allow me to make homemade meals most evenings?
* Will it be fun to [use] vegetables that are new to me?
* How will I handle excess produce? (Do you have a neighbor who would like to get some if you get “behind”?) Feeling bad about wasting food is one of the top reasons former CSA members site for not renewing.
* Am I willing to accept the unknowns involved in “shared risk”?

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