How do you pop corn?

Chris at Vanguarden CSA supplies the winter share with popcorn bouquets. Popcorn on the cob is new to many folks and I get lots of questions about how to cook it.

Unshelled popcorn should be stored at temperatures near 32F and high relative humidity. Once or twice a week, shell a few kernels and try popping them, either in an air popper or on top of your stove using a little oil and a pan with a lid. When the test kernels are popping well and tasting good, shell and store the rest of the kernels. Store the kernels in sealed, airtight containers. If stored popcorn fails to pop, it may be too dry. Add 1 tablespoon of water to a quart of popcorn. Cover and shake at frequent intervals until the popcorn has absorbed the water. After 3 or 4 days, test pop a few kernels to see if it is ready.

Several people have told me they put the entire cob in a paper bag and put it in the microwave. I think you might want to test a kernel or two before throwing the whole cob into the microwave.

I’d love to hear how you pop your CSA popcorn.

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