November 15 share distribution

Today’s distribution of the Winter Share promises to be …. moist. I’m heading out of town immediately after the distribution: Don’t interpret my electronic silence as evidence of a disaster! No, I’ve built an ark and am sailing off to ….. well, more about that later.

Over the past two days, Liz and I harvested the Belmont-grown part of the share: collards, kale, radicchio and sage. Chris from Vanguarden has been busy harvesting hakurei turnips, cabbage and sorting through red onions. Chris delivered his veggies last night, under cover of dark, making use of every last minute of daylight to work in his fields. By 9 this morning, Liz and I will have filled 150 bags with Belmont & Vanguarden produce and neatly lined them up on benches in the hoop house. The Picadilly folks have been busy harvesting, washing and packing veggies, too. Around 5:00 this morning, they began packing veg-filled boxes into their box truck. Jenny or Bruce will arrive in Belmont around 9:00 this morning. We will unload the boxes into the hoop house and put up signs that explain “take one box and take one bag” and “please don’t return the banana box, recycle it at home!”

The content of today’s share is almost exactly the same as the share we distributed last week. I’ve added notes about the Nov 15 share to the “What’s in the November Share ” post.