Winter Share Excitement

You’d think we would all be ready for a nice long rest after the tough growing season we’ve had this year. But just the opposite is true: there’s growing excitment among the farmers involved in the multi-farm winter share. This fall has been wonderful growing weather. We have some fabulous vegetables. And hungry and appreciative winter shareholders ready to eat them!

I had a couple of fun conversations today with Jenny Wooster. Jenny and Bruce of Picadilly Farm are supplying the bulk of the winter share. Today she called and asked about peppers. “Would winter shareholders like peppers? Red peppers? ‘Cause I’ve got some lovely ones.” In another happy phone call, “How about fennel? It’s just beautiful and tender and we’ve enough for everyone.” And the last call, “We’re not putting the spinach in the box, it will get smooshed. Does that work for you?”

Red peppers, fennel, spinach touched by the chilly New Hampshire nights are unexpected treats. Asian greens from Vanguarden will be another nice surprise in the October share. I think the Swiss Chard and tuscano kale at the Belmont farm will make their way into this first share. These were not crops we planned for the winter share, but there they are: growing well and just begging to be picked and taken home, along with the sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, pie pumpkin, onions, leeks and more traditional winter fare. What’s not to be excited about?!