Critter Report

I’ve seen an adolescent coyote several times in recent weeks. Always early in the morning, 5:30 to 7:00 AM. He moves across the fields at a trot, sniffing the air, pausing occasionally to listen and look around. Hunting for breakfast I imagine. Sunday morning he had a dead crow in his mouth. I’m glad he doesn’t eat vegetables.

A few months ago, early in the morning, two adult coyotes trotted down the road at the south end of my field. Beautiful animals with gray coats. They sniffed the air as they went up the little hill into the Sergi’s land. Once on top of the hill, they turned, looked in my direction and sniffed the air again. Then they turned away, went over the hill and were gone.

I think a wild turkey has made his home on the farm. I see her just about every day.She often roosts on a fence in the woods off the south edge of the farm. I once saw her perched on the tail gate of a red truck parked on Glenn Road!

Woodchucks and rabbits are everywhere …. hopping down the rows of tomatoes, nibbling on the lettuce, sniffing the watermelon. The onions appear to be safe from their attention. The ‘chuck I saw today is fat and healthy looking. Clearly he’s been eating his (my!) vegetables. I’m going to have a talk with the coyote because I think ‘chucks (the entire family of them living under the garage!) would make a much better meal than a crow.