Watching weeds grow …. not

I got bored just watching the weeds and cucumbers grow, so I did a few other things at the farm yesterday. I harvested shallots, forty pounds of tomatoes, twenty pounds of green beans, pulled weeds and used the BCS to wipe out weeds that thrive in the tractor wheel tracks. And I ate all cherry tomatoes that were ready for harvest, about a dozen. They’ve just started to come in. A day or two of sun and I think we’ll be swimming in sun gold cherry tomatoes! Until then, Liz and I will be conducting regular taste tests. (Liz has posted a lovely photo of the cherry toms on her blog.)

We saw a bit of damage from last week’s downpour. We lost parts of recently transplanted crops (red cabbage, Swiss chard, parsley) when they apparently drown or washed away. The pepper plants were knocked over by the force of the rain. The plants are still rooted and growing, but some of the young peppers are now exposed directly to the sun and will be scalded by it. Our early planting of tomatoes has a pretty advanced case of septoria leaf spot and the rain and overcast skies have exacerbated it. None of this damage will have a major impact on the harvests. It’s just a little disheartening. I pretty sure the cherry tomatoes will cheer me up.