Rainy day reading

New Farm: In the most recent NF newsletter, Editor Greg Bowman is on the lookout for signs that our food system is changing. “Watch for the signs showing the end of the illusion that we can profit in any true sense by using more energy to produce food than we get from eating it. Cleverness has not served us well in the absence of a profound humility as to the limits of how much we can take from the natural world.”

There’s a link in this New Farm to John Ikerd’s article, the Dawning of a New Agriculture. Thoughtful reflections on sustainable agriculture.

My morning reading list also included a rant (I’m partial to farmers who rant) on the blog loonatics.

Too bad woodchucks don’t spend rainy days snugged away in their burrows reading about sustainable agriculture. When I visited the farm this morning I saw that they had been busy. Busy eating a bed of romaine lettuce. Sigh.