Shared Harvest Feb. 2 Week’s Menu from Jackie Starr

Weekly menu for week starting 2/1/2014


I did not order many extra vegetables and expect to use most of what’s left from this week. We have purchased very few vegetables this winter – a few bunches of celery, partly because it’s a vegetable my 4-year-old daughter will eat, lettuce maybe once or twice, to some extent for guests. Below is the menu I’m planning for this week, designed around using up the remainder of my last month’s share. I overordered carrots so will still have plenty of those.


Saturday: pasta primavera (never made it from last week’s menu) – saute onion, mushrooms, carrots, and steam kohlrabi or add to pasta for last few minutes of boiling before draining. Serve with a thick tomato sauce.


Sunday: turkey meatloaf with roasted potatoes and beet and carrot slaw


Monday: root vegetable chili served with sweet potatoes, possibly also cornbread

I plan to improvise this and can report the recipe if it’s good. I’ll cube parsnips, carrots, and either beets, celery root, or squash fairly small and pan saute them (or roast with olive oil and salt), together with chopped onion and garlic. Other ingredients will include cumin, chili powder, pureed chipotles in adobe, baer’s beans. I’ll serve with chopped raw cabbage and/or radish, cashews or pepitas, maybe also marinated beets.


Tuesday: leftover meatloaf served with smoky quinoa crumbs (?) or regular quinoa, make enough for Thursday


Wed: moo shu vegetables, miso-glazed turnips, tofu for kids

I loved last week’s miso glazed turnips and want more – they were super easy to make.

I frequently cook vegetables moo shu-like – no claim to authenticity. Saute thinly sliced onion, minced garlic and ginger, while cooking shred a carrot or two and add to pan; while cooking shred 1/2 large or whole small cabbage and add to pan. Season as desired, perhaps with a large splash each of soy sauce and mirin and a small sprinkle of sesame oil, also salt and pepper. Serve with hoisin on some sort of pancake or tortilla, plus/minus tofu or scrambled eggs.


Thursday: Roast carrot-almond-lemon juice pesto (vegetarian ventures)—on quinoa and steamed kohlrabi, with marinated beets


Friday: leftover root vegetable chili with hot dogs for kids


What I have left and how will use them:
~1 lb potatoes (roast with meatloaf)
1 butternut squash (to cook in chili or to accompany it)
sweet potatoes (to accompany veg chili)
3 lb beets (some into chili; some to marinate; some to slaw)
1 large scarlet turnip  (miso or other glaze to have with moo shu)
2 kohlrabi (1 with pasta primavera, 1 to steam & serve with carrot almond pesto)
2 cabbages (moo shu vegetables, shred on chili)
~3 smallish parsnips (chili)
1 small celery root (chili or other)

Lots of carrots (chili, carrot pesto, meatloaf, slaw, snacking)

A few radishes (onto chili and for snacking)




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