Applesauce and then “save those peels!” hot pepper jelly

From shareholder Lisa Cohen:

“When I saw all those amazing apples today, I immediately thought of my ‘compost’ jelly. :)”

First I use the apples for apple sauce, made in the crock pot, because I’m lazy. 🙂

–Wash, core, and peel, and quarter apples (reserve bruised sections, cores, and peels for jelly)
–Sprinkle with lemon juice to keep apples from browning
–Toss them in a crockpot with a few ounces of water or cider (to keep them from scorching)
–Turn crockpot on low heat and let sit overnight or until soft enough to mash
–Mash to desired texture, adding sugar, cinnamon, etc, to taste.
–Apple sauce freezes very well, or can with a waterbath canner.
–note: If you prefer apple butter, let it cook down to your desired thickness, with the crockpot lid propped open to let steam escape. It may take a full 24 hours.
“Compost” Jelly

Wonderful with crackers and cheese

(I save all the cores/peels/etc in a large freezer bag, until I’m ready to make jelly)
–Simmer bruised sections, cores, and peels with water to cover on low for 2-3 hours
–Strain out solids in cheesecloth or a colander, but do not press or it will be cloudy, and measure how many cups of liquid result (It will taste like very bland, watery apple juice)
–Bring juice to a simmer, adding sliced hot peppers and cook covered, tasting frequently until the juice is to your taste heat-wise. (The resultant jelly will be moderated in heat by the sugar.)
–add sugar, starting with 1/2 to 3/4 cup per cup of juice
–add lemon juice and zest to taste, (optional: cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar to taste)
–cook on high until mixture is on a rapid boil. Stir frequently. Skim foam (for aesthetics only).
–It has reached the gelling point when you scoop a spoonful of liquid and let if fall off the metal spoon and 2 drops hang on the edge, merge, and ‘sheet’ off the spoon.
–strain out solids
–ladle in sterilized canning jars, wipe rims, seal
–water bath process for 10 minutes, half pints or 4 oz jelly jars

–jelly can also be frozen and will last in the fridge for several weeks/months.

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