Menu for a Deep Winter Farm Share (from Jackie Starr, January, 2015)

Main Ingredients (What’s in the Share):

One 1# bag–Choice of black turtle, light red kidney, cannelini, or “sulfur”, a smaller yellow fast-cooking bean
Kohlrabi 1
Cabbage 1
Sweet Potatoes 3#
Spinach/winter greens 1 or 2#
Garlic 1/2#
Tomato Puree (1 26 oz. jar)
Potatoes 5#
Carrots 5#
Butternut Squash 9#
Beets 2.5#
Celeriac -2 pieces
Parsnips 2#
Yellow onions–about 2#


The greens will need to be used within the first few days, first week at the most. I will likely use them for salads, but if there are 2 lbs I might cook some of it as well.

Muffins and quick breads are a delicious way to use any extra carrots, winter squash, parsnips, and beets. In the coming weeks I may make a buttermilk squash pie or another of these 12 squash-based desserts.


Salad of roast parsnip + pear or apple + spinach or winter greens; to accompany pasta with butternut squash sauce.

Now is a good time to have black-eyed peas if you didn’t have some for luck on new year’s day. This winter vegetable stew recipe combines the peas with many of the vegetables in our share. My favorite cornbread recipe is even better with Four Star Farms’ corn flour (make sure not to overmix). I also like adding a bit of vinegar to the milk.

Celery root soup with or without potato; with salad of roasted beets and roasted leeks served over spinach or dressed winter greens.

Roasted carrots and quinoa (or a slightly more complicated version with frizzled leeks, or perhaps leftover leeks from the beet salad). This could be served as a vegan main dish or served alongside entrees for two different dinners (e.g. animal protein or tofu sausage on one night; and fried eggs, fish filets, chicken, or pork another night).

I hadn’t made latkes in years, but these turned out so deliciously, especially topped with sour cream and smoked salmon, that I plan to make them again, along with a salad.


Roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts (can roast them directly from freezer) with beet burgers or any other kind of burger or veggie burger.

Chicken stew with cider and parsnips; or curried parsnips and carrots served with steamed millet and cashews.

Pasta with tomato sauce and winter veggies.  I like to make the vegetables separately and serve over the pasta and vegetables, rather than cooking the vegetables up in sauce like a stew. For example, you could saute sliced mushrooms until browned, remove from pan. Saute diced onions and  minced garlic. Throw cubed kohlrabi into pasta cooking water a few minutes before draining, as well as frozen peas a minute or so before draining.

Spicy chickpea and bulgur soup.

Miso glazed turnips; miso broiled scallops or tofu; rice.


Some type of garlic and potato soup, a simple version, with greens, or with greens and white beans. This might be a good dinner to have with a mildly sweet carrot bread (use ½ cup sugar, increase carrot to 2 cups or 1.5 cups with ½ cup grated apple; and whole wheat pastry flour in place of all-purpose flour).

Polenta casserole. One of my favorites uses gorgonzola, fontina, and a simple tomato sauce. A vegan version might involve broiling polenta triangles and topping with cashew “cheese” sauce. Either version could be served with sauteed mushrooms and kale.

Kohlrabi & carrot salad with peanut dressing or kohlrabi noodle salad.

Spicy lentil and sweet potato stew; shredded cabbage with olive oil, salt, lime juice, optional honey.

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