Jackie Starr’s Menu for Week of January 18, 2014

Another handy menu from Jackie, geared for a busy family of 4 with 2 kids, and of course, using her Shared Harvest veggies!


Leftover mushroom barley soup, pizza (“BLT” pizza: kale blanched and frozen, bacon, tomato, plus a cheese pizza for the kiddos), salad (spinach, grated carrot, marinated beets, shredded cabbage, oranges–I am loving this combination and have more marinated beets to use up)



Beet burgers and turnip fries, with cole slaw type salad

http://www.theppk.com/2012/02/quarter-pounder-beet-burger/ (I have frozen cook lentils and grains, which makes this much quicker. but neither takes long to cook, and if one doubles the beet burger recipe I’m sure they would freeze well– another way to be efficient about it).

Haven’t yet gotten around to trying the turnip fries –hopefully this week



winter vegetable curry (use carrots, potatoes, kohlrabi), millet and rice.


(buy or omit fennel bulb; sub kohlrabi for broccoli)



pasta e fagioli (uses carrots, baer’s beans, riverland farms canned tomatoes), cornbread

I plan to riff on the following recipe (e.g. omit zucchini) and cook it on sunday or monday




roast chicken with turnips, potatoes, carrots

I use the romertopf – season lots of cubed veg with S&P and set in bottom, rub chicken with whatever inspires me that day, including ~1.5 tsp salt and generous grinding of pepper and set on top of veg. I commonly use paprika, dried mustard, thyme, maybe a bit of celery seed.


leftovers: chicken and veg curry, plus chicken salad for my kids



soba noodles with peanut sauce, sauteed cabbage with sesame seeds, tofu


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