Busy farmers, lovely day

In preparing for the distribution tomorrow, I stopped by the Bradley Estate in Canton and found Brookwood farmers harvesting greens.

Simca harvesting collard greens at Brookwood, Nov 12, 2010

I visited another farm on my way home and helped plant garlic. Thought I’d practice a little with the video on my camera. For some reason, when I’m being recorded I talk like a ….. well, it’s not my normal way of talking … I hope. Anyway, here’s Piper explaining (in a very normal voice) what’s she’s doing:

There will be garlic in the share we distribute tomorrow. It was planted a year ago, harvested in July, strung up in Riverland’s barn to dry. After it was dry, the stems were clipped off. Today it was packed up in share boxes. A year-long process to get our garlic from the farm to our tables.