Dehydrated grape tomatoes

I dehydrated three pounds of grape tomatoes in my oven last week. I think they turned out well. It’s definitely a good idea to make sure the tomatoes are all the same size. I included a handful of slightly larger tomatoes in the batch and they did not dehydrate at the same rate as the smaller ones. They’ll be a great treat this winter in pasta, on pizza and in risotto. Here’s a Sun-Dried Tomato recipe site with lots of ideas.

2 thoughts on “Dehydrated grape tomatoes

  1. Thanks for the site link. I’ve had a dehydrator over a year now and have to admit I’m yet to use it. Your post has inspired me!

    • I wish I had a dehydrator, I think it would have worked a lot better than my oven, used less electricity and taken less time! Good luck with yours! G

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