Tractor Dreams, part 3

This summer, whenever the hydraulics stopped working on the Cub, we just filled ‘er up with more. Seemed odd that so much oil kept spilling out of the oil filler; odder yet that the Cub never seemed low on oil, in fact, she seemed a little too full of oil.

Upon careful inspection, and a phone call to Charley P, of Village Power & Equipment in Berlin (aka the Cub Whisperer), the mystery was solved. I guess a common problem with the Farmall Cub is that after 60 or so years of use, the O ring that keeps the hydraulic fluid separate from the oil, fails. The Cub is now in Charely’s shop and will be good as new soon.

An easily replaced, worn-out O ring …. not bad for a 1948 tractor!

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