Winter Squash

So much change on the farm in the past three weeks!

An oat and field pea cover crop has germinated on about a quarter of the field. It’s growing well in beds that hosted winter squash, watermelon, carrots, beets, summer squash and cucumbers this summer. Oats were also undersown in the kale and collard greens that will be in the winter share. Next week more beds will be prepared for winter and sown in winter rye.

Winter squash was harvested early September. Using clippers, we snipped the squash from vines and piled the squashes into one long row in the field. We moved squash into the harvest bins we’d placed in the tractor’s front-end loader. A team of three people made quick work of the harvest: One person drove the tractor (slowly) down row of harvested squash while two people moved the squash into the harvest bins. We unloaded the squash in the hoop house to cure. We’ve been distributing it in the CSA share for a few weeks.

We brought in 1,600 pounds of butternut, sweet mama, sunshine and delicata squash from 780 row feet. A little more than 200 pounds per 100 feet. Pretty good. Now, who’s going to eat all this squash?!