First Harvest

Yesterday, May 9, was our first harvest. It was a very satisfying experience. Liz and I harvested two small orders for Formaggio Kitchen and Kitchen on Common. Sending this first harvest of bok choy and kale out into the world with Julio (FK) and Joh (KC), two guys who really appreciate local produce, added to the pleasure of the harvest.

It was a slow harvest. We knew we would be. After all, it was the first harvest of the season. We’ve a few more small harvests planned for next week and we have lots of ideas about how to be more efficient and quick. Better planning, organization, technique and caffiene all have a place in our plan. I expect we will be up to speed by the time the CSA harvests start (it’s looking like the week of May 19!). I estimate that we’ll need to spend a total of 32 hours per week harvesting this spring. That should leave enough time for planting, weeding, maintaining equipment and all the other things that need doing each week, including enjoying and celebrating the harvest.