Peas and Planet Jr.

peas with row cover peas with row cover March 30

Everyone survived the cold temps last night. The min-max thermometer in the hoophouse read 32 degrees this morning. I’m sure it was warmer underneath all the row cover, blankets and quilts that were over the seedlings. I’m happily surprised the hoophouse stayed as warm as it did.

Farm neighbors Andres and daughter, Ainara, helped me plant the first veggies of the season this morning. Sugar snap peas! Ainara sprinkled inoculant on the slightly damp peas and Andres mixed it in. Then, using my “new-to-me” Planet Jr. seeder, we planted four beds of bush peas. “Fifty-four days to harvest”, that’s what the Fedco package says, but I expect it will take a bit longer since it’s so cold. We covered two of the beds with ag. row cover to warm up the soil and speed up germination.

The Planet Jr. seeder is wonderful. So much nicer than the Earthway seeder I’ve been using. The guys at the Kilpatrick Family Farm decided they didn’t want it anymore and they sold it to me at a third of the price of a new one. What a deal! (Want your own Planet Jr? Market Farm Implement sells them new. Sometimes they can be found for sale on Craigslist.)