What happened to the tomatoes?

I suppose that by now tomato lovers in the Northeast have all heard about phythophtora infestans, aka late blight. Very few field-grown, organic tomatoes survived the blight. At Brookwood, the farm that I'm working on this year, we disked in our first blighted tomato planting over a month ago. Last week we planted extra fall … Continue reading What happened to the tomatoes?

Tomatoes in October

Something that hasn't yet changed - we are still harvesting tomatoes! Not many. Last week the harvest was only 128 pounds. San Marzano and Juliet paste tomatoes apparently don't mind the chilly temperatures as much as our heirlooms and hybrids. Next week,the tomatoes along with the other summer crops that have stopped producing (eggplant, peppers, … Continue reading Tomatoes in October