Winter Share Contents 10/24

It's a fantastic fall harvest, certainly welcome after a summer full of what seemed to us more than the usual challenges! We're especially pleased with the onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fall greens and leeks - all very nice. Enjoy the harvest!Here's a list of what is in your share from Picadilly Farm:Celery, a bunch. We picked … Continue reading Winter Share Contents 10/24

Brookwood Farm’s On-Farm Market

The farm I'm working at this season is having it's first end-of-season on-farm market. Although it's been a tough growing season, we've an abundance of cool weather crops in our fields. We will be harvesting everything for our farmstand sale on Saturday, October 31. What isn't sold will be donated to local hunger relief organizations. … Continue reading Brookwood Farm’s On-Farm Market

What’s in the share?

I wrote this for this week's Brookwood Community Farm newsletter. Thought I'd get a little extra mileage out of it by posting it here. It certainly applies to winter share contents. It feels like there are fewer surprises with fall and winter CSA shares, though perhaps the surprises are just of a different nature: walk-in … Continue reading What’s in the share?